*silent screams My inside are all scrambled and shaken. I can't determine exactly what it is, but i know it turns the life in me whenever I'm in the same room as you. It's kinda like the feeling you get when you know something bad is about to happen and everything inside tightens up and you twitch inside with every move you make, and you stare ahead in a daze...and your just so scared...i dunno whatz come over me... 030206
tchiseen maaaaan, idk wtf ur talkin bout 040503
rage laughing
1) freedom
from you, just leave me the fuck alone
2) truth
will some one just tell me what the fuck is going on, and what the fuck im suposed to do coz i cant figure it out
3) happiness

who i am
who im suposed to be
how im suposed 2 survive
i wish i knew how to care less
youre supposed to be
silent when you have
nothing to do but tell
people to fuck off
see what happens when
we act on our impulses?

this is gone now
fix 041129
what's it to you?
who go