light freakizh
my bday is this sunday (june30) and i'm paranoic about it.

my friends just invited me to a goodbye party to someone i barely know.. misteriously, in the house of a very good friend of mine.

beats me.
i hate everybody trying to be nice with me only because it is a special date.
how about being nice in a regular day?
how about asking me what i think of it?

surprise parties are out of your reach.
it is the same if you want it or not.
kitsch because it joins two opposites.
so.. your decisions about it are worthless. therefore, you have extreme freedom to pick any choice you want: the answer will be the same, a surprise party, like it or not.

*extremely light.*

it's the Unbearable Lightness of Being, speaking to my everyday life.
kerry well happy birthday in advance if i don't say it later 020627
freakizh thank you..
just don't throw me surprise party.
i do accept gifts, though.
freakizh and oh! i just came up from the party.
i wasn't for me at all!
kerry well hey! that's cool

here is my blather_present
what's it to you?
who go