Extract It is shameful even to speak of my enormous aquatic progeny but speak I must. Eighteen months in labour and growning bigger all the time, the elasticity of my womb stretched to breaking point. there seemed no hope for either of us. It was biblical prophecy that it should be so. This was of no comfort to me in my agony.
Finally, with the application of a lubricant gleaned from the still beating hearts of disappointed ballet dancers my child was born into the thames estuary. She never looked back.
DannyH Three things occur to me. There is no particular order. When we fall over, one of two things can happen, only one of them is funny. Danny, why don't you just go to bed like normal people do...? 011019
DannyH The final hurdle is always the hardest. Clouds of guilt hang around it like fog. Stumbling over the barrier I suddenly found I was naked. The crowd filtered out of the auditorium.
"Come back and congratulate me for having had the courage to fail you bastards."
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