andru235 i know, i know

i'm not the embodiment of concision

but would it be better if i bottled it all inside? i doubt it.

i feel like whenever my ship approaches the populated continents of so-called normalcy, the winds blow and the tide turns, carrying me back to the great ice shelf. is there a reason for this?

i continually find that my preferences and thinkings are easiest left in the closet; but if life has made a point to teach me anything, it is to open that closet door and empty its contents into the room at large.

blah blah blah, who cares.
on the road your blathe conversations_with_gold is ingenious! 050523
somenom cut_my_tongue_off
or at least my keyboard
somenom "paint more, type less" 050523
Lemon_Soda Yay....

I do. Its to easy to check here after every little project before they hand me another one. Or when I'm waiting for a fax or a call back. I'm busy at work, don't get me wrong. The incredible amount of "5 minutes-before-I-can-do-anything"s keep me busy at blather, too.
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