sphinxradio that's me, right now.
i keep thinking i might be dreaming.
there, i just was, but now i seem to be back.
it's times like this that i like to be held.
Subterranean Visions i am in a constant state of semi-awareness. i would sleep forever if i didnt have to go to fucking school. 011113
mmm all morning long.... i don't wake up till around 4 or 5 when it starts to get dark out. thats the way i like it. natural light is no fun. 011113
god perpetually 020406
silentbob last night i was watching the cameron_crowe commentary for the special edition almost_famous dvd. by the time william was yelling at penny not to go to newyork i was gone. it was 3 am and i didn't even realize i was asleep until this morning when i heard the pretty acoustic music they play while the menu is displayed. thats when i woke up. it must haev been playing for something like six hours. 020406
kookaburra im always half asleep, or half awake depending on how you look at it. 040407
girl_jane ...even in my waking life... 040422
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