j_blue my second room mate during my freshman year in college was this cool, yet obviously troubled, homo

we would hang out all the time, and developed a unique story telling humor method

i would say something absurd, then he would add on to it somehow, and we would go back and forth

we decided to make a grace_jones page after watching view_to_a_kill based on our stories

he killed himself that summer, but geocities never took down the site

the whole thing is incredibly eerie

just in case, i duplicated it on my own site

his url
9voltJesus i'm not perfect...

...but i'm perfect for you
god jeez. i wondered about that grace jones. now i know....(pregnant paul harvey pause).... the rest of the story. 010123
j_blue i want everyone to know the truth, the whole truth

everyone should read about the great and mysterious grace
straight bird feelin kinda swishy three_words for that page

j_blue trying to keep her near the top so people will see the url, she is so cool, and our stories are way rad

it, and the co-creator, roni, are shrines to roni
what's it to you?
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