BoofPixie makes me useless. and drippy. and i always search for the perfect dress so i can follow in its footsteps. 000309
David She is sleek, smooth of feature, and warm of hart 000531
indigo everything you feel, touch, see, hear getting tossed in a blender called foxy on high speed

faces bulge out of furniture
the bunkbeds are staring at me
i knew they were out to get me
those little fuckers

i lost my ego
i have no sense of self,
only us

rainbows everywhere, twinkling
the sky is melting and its all that damn moon's fault

oh yeah well i got a candle here that says he'll suck you off if the price is right

and the best thing about this drug, sex... i was touched with my eyes closed and i came without ejaculating or getting hard.. all in my head

she ceased to exist except for where my hands touched her, and there she did fully exist

tons of fun... if you can handle it
replaced acid for a former head
pipedream yaaayyy volkswagon! 030411
what's it to you?
who go