amorfus goes with fauna 000513
birdmad The red rose whispers
of passion,
And the white rose
breathes of love.
Oh, the red rose is a falcon
And the white rose is a dove

But I send you
a cream-white rosebud
With a flush
on its petal tips,
For the love
that is purest and sweetest
Has a kiss of desire
on the lips

[john boyle o'reilly]

i sent this with the_roses
sotto voce reminiscent of the purple bloom in a backyard where the vines form a fine latticework of tendrils slender and green slipping in and out between the slats of a trellis an akward young girl with nothing but static-faced dolls, dream beings and her dear diary to keep her company descends to escape curfew by which she is imprisoned with bars of time and lessons in piano and grace when grace is learned just watching the twining vines while time holds its breath to see what comes next but in a sharp exhale the charismatic wisps of green they dart here and there and through and back and soon the girl is a woman reminiscing about the flowers in the backyard of her adolescence where she used to creep down the trellis instead of walking confidently through the front door with an air of savoir faire 020209
farmfish sotto voce, under voice? 020209
unhinged yes farmie 020209
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