jennifer Beer-Filled Fisticuffs Forces Plane to Land Early

MILAN, Italy (April 7, 1998 2:49 p.m. EDT - A plea for more beer ended in a midair
bout of fisticuffs between passengers that forced a British jetliner carrying 231 holiday-makers to make
an unscheduled landing in Milan.

The Air 2000 plane was flying from Birmingham to Valletta, the capital of Malta, when the altercation

The pilot requested permission to land in Milan because of what he called "a problem on board," airport
officials said. Security forces, who apparently feared a hijacking, surrounded the plane on the runway.

A 61-year-old passenger from Malta, who had already had too much to drink, triggered the incident
when he tried to enter the cockpit to complain that a cabin attendant had refused to serve him a beer.

Two other passengers, prison guards on holiday, intervened, then the man's 27-year-old son joined the
fray, the officials said.

The prison guards were slightly injured and treated at the airport clinic, while the man and his son were
questioned by police.

The charter flight was expected to take off for Valletta later.

Air 2000 said it was looking into possible legal action. In a statement, it said such incidents were rare
although it carried some 4 million passengers a year.

-gracias to the AP
ryanthered It just goes to show you once you start drinking dont stop untill you have landed. 001027
Norm Swearing and insults is a tool, I've found, to help grant me abstinence from such situations. I estimate that it's been at least a week since I engaged in a brawl. So I says fuck it, fer fuck sakes; fuck this shit. 020320
Norm Fuck I meant to say month. 020320
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