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fore ver y ou (yes)

(secondary definition of, "fore")
2. first in place, time, order, rank, etc.; forward; earlier.

as_in namaste, defined as: the best parts of me acknowledge the best parts of you (as such).

| \/ L Y
tourist Years ago I had an album by
Jimmy Spheris by the title of
Isle of View
Really Nice Piano work With Poetic Lyrics and a cover image that looked like it may have been lifted from some ancient etching, of a Valkerie riding on the back of an Eagle through the trees of some forested mountain valley.
It is now lost somewhere in the Wake of My Passing.
ever dumbening http://scienceview.berkeley.edu/view/

new pic every minute (and then a time lapse from the day before)
unhinged i love having a camera now

check out my photos on my myspace (shameless_self_promotion)

or if you don't have myspace (my profile is set to private so students don't stumble upon it) and want me to, i'll email you some

i have bus project, taking pics on the bus from the north side to the south side of milwaukee

i take pics of various tags and murals around the city.

and i take pics of cool buildings/things i find around the city.
hsg a telescope lense itself to the art

mycroscop i_c on sideration

play in g AIms

aye, ye(s i'm ply) serious in the worst postuble way.
what's it to you?
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