mikejohnson I am fascinated by elevator conversation. often we can share things in an elevator with people we barely know or total strangers that we are reluctant to tell anyone else. i once told a guy that i knew but had never spoken to that i had just met a man who said to me "jews shot me four times, but i guess i killed some of them too." being a fan of israel, i didn't know what to make of my lebanese taxi driver's annecdote. a girl just told me a midget checked her out and winked at her. thanks for sharing.
needs more elevator topics.
mikejohnson "that's when the bear attacked the orphans."
"Holy shit really?"
"Ya but i saved em, left me with this (shows a scar on his shin) but i fought em off"
"The bear or the orphans?"
"I love your hair. I always say that when i see you. its the best."
"Well thank you."
observed that in 8 floors of descent.
stork daddy a tall attractive woman invited me to smoke pot with her on an elevator once. 050224
mikejohnson i invited a tall attractive girl to do something similar the other day- on the elevator.
should be an elevator man.
what's it to you?
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