Soldier of Something I will go, and I will do as I am told. Throughout it all I will wonder whether anything is really being accomplished and I will remain ever-skeptical about humankind's superiority to other beasts. I will wonder whether anyone really misses me, personally, or if it is perhaps the drama of it all that stirs them. I will wonder but not aloud. 091203
Soldier of Something I will wonder whether anyone really gives a fuck (about me, about anything), but I've wondered that for a long, long time. 091203
X he never learned anything. he just learned that his way was right, and that nobody else really mattered. i hoped for better for him - after all, he is an intelligent fellow. but the narcissism won over in the end. he tried to screw me over so many times. he took advantage of me. and used something like deployment as an excuse. really, buddy? you're just the same as when you left. and that's the real tragedy here. because this could have been an opportunity for you to open your eyes to the world. but really all you see is yourself, and how things relate to you. 091203
somebody SoS where are you deploying to? 091204
dont you read tha news? he/she is probably going to Afghanistan, dummy 091205
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