inter A stone which is rocky, but not horror. It shows off, though. And, however they usually say this about the more pretentious diamond, crystal is forever! 020403
me It is rocky, that's for sure! 020403
burt Didn't Socrates say something cool about crystals, or was that someone else... Maybe look at the socrates page to find the answer.. 020403
silentbob i never talk to you anymore 020403
pipedream great big clonks of glass-looking something that sits on the sideboard and is great for putting roses and candles in. 030320
jane meth
thespacebetween i want to be a stripper named crytal heart
maybe then he would come back..
M03 Why do the nice guys, like me, always fall for the girl he can never have?
What makes it so hard to let go, if we do catch them?

Why can't I let go?
djstar i'm not a junkie for your love,
I'M NOT A JUNKIE! ~Poe (not edgar)
djstar to be continued... 050816
Satan_Stalker_666 to me...It's my name!! =) 060609
forgotten you were the first on to grab my attention....i still remember that sleep over we had. 061030
what's it to you?
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