birdmad cookies and sandcastles and all of that stuff

atrophy and gravity show no mercy

nor time

(never time)
djstar She says she's falling hard....her wall is crumbling. Now she has to get through mine.. I hope she'll try. 030306
jolie I know the pieces fit
'cause I watched them fall away
No fault, none to blame
That doen't mean I don't desire
To point the finger, blame the other
Watch the temple tople over
Then bring the pieces back together
rediscover communication
Death of a Rose Bones crumbling and still the heart beats. Emotion gone. 031007
Somebodys Soul Apple crumble, apple pie, apple jelly, apple sky, green as trees, day and night, apple tree, rainbow kite. Stupid poem, stupid kid, stupid orange, butter lid. Stupid poem, stupid word, apple strudel, mockingbird. 050408
me shut up, all of you, just shut up and go away. i've got my own problems to deal with, and i assure you, there is nothing you can do. 050822
what's it to you?
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