birdkiller the dreams are back. They first started at the beginning of october. i had One every morning in that time between true sleep and actual consciousness. They were all unique but still very similar. it was as though each Dream was a continuation of all the previous Dreams. there were six days last week in which my mind was not invaded. then They began again monday morning. i had One yesterday and another this morning. this morning's Dream was different from the Others. slightly. the story was continuos, but not once did i see Heather. she has been a major part of all the other Ones (which is part of the reason They plague me), so why was she not in this One? i have tried to make sense of Them but i still don't understand Their meaning. i tend to be good at reading my dreams and my conclusions are usually quite accurate. but These have me baffled. the only relevant piece i can pull from Them is Heather, and i attribute that to the fact that i never stopped loving her.
my mind is too cluttered to continue.
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