kss it's all so frustrating.

The echos of mistakes, the broadcast of pain, the clutter of wreckage. And I'm tired of it all, tired of feeling it, dealing with it, complaining about it.

I'm having a hard time, and even worse, I don't have any chocolate cake.

p2 i'll take a slice
of chocolate misery

got milk?
kss I ate a brownie
so close to what I want
krimilda not chocolate cake... but little chocolates filled with "dulce de leche"... have you tasted "dulce de leche"? is really, really close to... have you tasted it? 021107
kss yeah. it's melted sugar. 021107
falling_alone i think
i ate
too much
... chocolate_cake misery_loves_me 070304
m merrr... 070304
Lemon_Soda I remember being so utterly upset/angry/sad that I went into my moms fridge and took a piece of cake. I sat down, trying not to cry, and ate it with big fork fulls. I had no milk and it was very rich. It seemed my mouth was working in slow motion, and the cake was sticky and uncomfortable in my mouth. Half way through I really started to cry good. My mouth peeled itself back as my eyes clenched with tears, and partially chewed cake started falling out of my mouth. It was inconcievable that the happiness that came with cake souldn't stop me from feeling as bad as I did. I heaved in a big breath to reload for more bawling and i choked on the cake. 070304
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