ithaca willow "Isn't she that...girl--?"
Say the passers-by
On their way to pear, or strawberry
"The one who never explains
Her paintings
(Any more than I can explain
Why Kristen's life used to be safe inside a honeydew) ?"
Because the golden face
In the night sky
Is "up to our own interpretation".

And she smiles, and tucks her chin in, and cocks her head
And looks at her own painting
From a different angle
Looks at the colors she chose
And the techniques she used
Then she kisses the cool honeydew skin
And turns to face the world
I think Kristen's ready--
And moving into a canteloupe
Which is perfectly fine by me.
*Ziima* Lovely. But...I dont recall living in houses of fruit. 010612
unhinged too much water
no skin
tastes like nail polish remover
no thanks
i don't really care for melons in general
paste! tired, want to stay inside, can't elope. telephone scrapes the mucus yippee. 010617
edith piaf egg_nog_enema 010630
black-dyed gel product honey dew is the money melon 010630
celestias shadow you are a peach
we'd make a fine pear
if we canteloupe
lettuce marry!

yey :)
suicidalchinadoll *giggles* 041201
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