Nate Higgins A good man but still evil enough to stay entertaining after all this time. 991030
sabbie he had weird eyebrows
and a serious and determined way about him that seemed far beyond his young years. it was kinda odd, though, that it always seemed that he was never fully in control of anything around him.

but we could never work out what his his sister was actually named.
Simpley Kristina One I met, on a haunted history tour. For several strange reasons, our communication was blocked. It brings a sadness to me, as I would have liked to have gotten to know him more. A night with him would have been more than satisfactory, but... se la vie. 020704
Haley I am in love with a Caleb. What a smooth name. I have liked it ever since he introduced himself to me. He is so good to me. And boy... what a looker! 020916
User24 hebrew for dog 031013
ROFL woof 031013
RoXXXie The Caleb I knew was chubby and jolly and somewhat younger than I. His parents were my Cottage Parents at a Children's Home I used to live in. 040107
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