De.DOW Oh Say can you see, by the dawn's early light/

I Attacked What can be attacked. ATTAKD. All the polaroids and everything. Cremated and the ashes flew in the wind. Some landed on the stream, some landed in the creek, after all i did all this over the bridge in Ontario. Yeah, So i can say that most of them landed in the creek. But before the jar was empty, a strong gust whisped all of the remaining ashes in my face. I guess it was there way of getting me back. Some entered my mouth, where there was much of a temperature difference. They found their way into my digestive system, and some lucky ones evaded the acids. They traveled in my blood. THey went to my brain. There, they were converted into brain signals. For about a second in my life, They had control of me.

"Fuck The WORLD, LEt IT FUCK ME!FUCK ME UP BABY!" They made my mouth say.

Ear/Breath/Insomnia/Beer/Seth/Caromnia. All that Kung-Fu Shit.
Comp(IU)ter YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU FUckinHG Punch the HOLE in the wall nd you send YOUR FIST THRUUUU thuh wall and YOU PU::::LL OUT 2600 YEarS of mY oPRESSION! GOD DAMN YAAAAAAAU.' 021213
abednigo heu, heu, butterfalcon!
your fallen wings lift no darkness. bird bright ovals dull your toungue. Sphraites tear your effervescent, spilling flesh.
what's it to you?
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