birdmad precariously on the edge 010916
bijou i was sitting on a high ledge that overlooked the north city and the river. a bum walked up behind me and asked for the time. "ten seventeen," i told him.

"pretty far drop," he said, peering over the wall.

"i'm not scared," i said. i was lying.
mister mourning ooo

makes me wish i could fly

(or plummet silently)
yummychuckle between night and day
wobble wobble
I can and will
fly away
the seams of my youth
are crooked and loose.
i tilt my head
listen intently
somethings telling me

to quit being such a baby. god im sillyilly stupid. dont even fucking comment .
unless youd like to of course
its funny
you read
i say
and care so much to respond
in a clumsily worded

faceless question mark
TK is something I've yet to acomplish 011222
girl_jane weebles wobble but they don't fall down 020220
Casey Balancing on a thread of hope is all that keeps from falling into a pit of despair. 020220
girl_jane I'm trying to keep the rest of my world balanced to the part that you take up. Your side is heavier by far. 030320
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