yoink ' 010426
Tim? makes things more practical - i like practical things.
especially when I take shrooms.
Fire&Roses I used t' put them in ev'rywhre. It really annoyed my friends... 'cept some. Some thought it was real funny. I don't know 'f I think 's funny. 's just me. tha's what I say. 's me! 010810
Effingham Fish http://www.angryflower.com/bobsqu.html

Appease the English major within us all.
ilovepatsajak there is one after the "u" in "you're." it means "you are." not "your." thank you. 011030
CheapVodka I have one in my name: Tiff'ny (there is no A)

I guess I am a "Silly Girl" - Decendents
CheapVodka Descendents* oopz 011102
eklektic i told him since we use "air quotes" (you know, when you make your fingers do the quote thingy) why dont we use "air apostrophes". now, in all emails he doesnt make apostrophes he writes out (air apostrophe) where they are supposed to go. 020728
phil today 020729
bill yesterday 030913
blister i dont think those really count, phil.

i've spent three years learning how to use the apostrophe properly. it's all they teach you, apparently.

now when i walk down the street half the signs have some stupid error on them. And now i have argued with someone over whether there should be an apostrophe in "condo's". no.

is knowledge really any better?
what's it to you?
who go