curious Death of a Rose

I started seeing connections
Death of a Alias and just who the hell are you? 031121
curious I think you know. 031121
endless desire ROFL too?
now im confused
Road dont worry endless, i'm confused as well 031121
nom i'm too silly for mine own gouda 031121
curious as in alias knives avarious? 031226
CrazyFrogKiller_reports ...CrazyFrog of Jamster fame had his penis blown off by a mysteriously implanted bomb. It has caused permanent stomach and abdominal injury, and has inflicted serious damage to his kneejoints and thighs. During his stay in Westminster Hospital CrazyFrog was subsequently attacked by a duo of teen assailants who claimed to be allied to the "Goat_Lord_Satan." They assaulted CrazyFrog with baseball bats and pocket knives and he has sustained broken leg bones and a crack in his skull...



Following his recent stay in Westminster Hospital CrazyFrog is again in critical condition there. Several weeks after CrazyFrog was initially released, a gang claiming links to Satanic cults, broke into his home and inflicted a vicious assault during which Crazyfrog was knocked unconcious and genital regrowth sliced from his body. Police stormed the scene and the attackers were taken into custody.
CrazyFrog will undergo a state-of-the-art operation to restore some function to his genitals; but it appears that he will be unable to function sexually. Reconstructive surgery will partially restore the loss of his lips which were destroyed by the attackers.
hsg aka, also known as also_known_as. 071230
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