a> Fly.
Feel the pinpricks push you forward, insistent.
The rush is beyond faith. Shadows of doubt lay dull upon the shrunken ground. Watch as your very life fades; never anything more than evanescent dew drops. God, how they shone. You see truth.
Undeniable, irresistible.
Remember when you were a child? The top of the ladder was your Everest. Intrepid, he called you, and chuckled. When did it all fall? Bruised, you trembled, imploring darkness to mask you. You are pure light.
Blushes burnt at the edge your cheeks. Once, but not now.

I fly.
Asai i was airborne once... there were leaves hitting me in my face as i reached the zenith of my flight. for half of that journey, it seemed like a good idea.

I woke up, covered in dirt, as they pulled back the tree, to launch another pilot.
926 Jeanne's aftermath

Homes have lost siding and awnings, cars are damaged by flying debris and trees are down in the wake of the storm, Jeanne.
Jeanne Jeanne slams Florida with relentless winds
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