ClairE Dude, it is almost 2002. 011201
dB Gods. No. Not another one. 011202
Annie111 We stood on the field and realized we didn't have enough people to spell out 2002, so Eman took charge and decided we would be '02. There were fights over who got to be in the apostrophe. It was so goddamned cold that my eyes were tearing and the three of us raised our hands in the picture, like, "Fuck you, we are getting out of here." But it was so bittersweet. 011202
ClairE I was in the apostrophe for '01.

All that '02 means to me is an Edward Hopper calendar.
not you strengthening your bowtie like the balloon that you wish you could inflate,
i stoop to your level once more.
it is a crazy game. and i am a sorry sleepyhead in the gigantimontium field of sockets.

you are a flonto piece of shit horp and a younty excuse for a human bean (and being).
you should already know i met that fuck. he ruined my life. i almost died. my heart got broke. my body deteriorated. i lost my best friend to a guy. i went to nyc. i got kicked out of my house. i spoke to you for the first time. you made it all better. we met and i cried when we had to go. i always cry at endings. i cried today. 030731
Shinnokxz 2002 was almost five years ago. 061207
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