unhinged the great gesture

i extend myself to you
in the nature of compassionate reality
unhinged i really needed the sadhana_of_mahamudra this week and my student rescheduled her lesson so i cant make it


unhinged vivid awareness

looking at the true nature of the mind
is like looking at
a cloudless sky


(for someone with potentially debilitating anxiety this concept is life altering)
unhinged ah ah ah 181120
unhinged this is the sovereign of all reality.
the nature of mahamudra is unity,
the realm of harms free from acceptant or rejecting.
possessing the beauty of unconditioned bliss,
it is the great and vast wealth of wisdom.
it is the natural form of kindness transcending thought.
through prajna, it does not dwell in samsara.
through koruna, it does not dwell in nirvana.
through effortlessness, buddha activity is spontaneously accomplished.
the luminosities of ground and path, mother and child, dissolve together.
the ground and fruition embrace one another.
buddha is discovered in ones' mind.
the wish-fulfilling treasure overflows within.
e ma! how wonderful and marvelous!

- from 'the song of lord thaye'
unhinged at the intersection of psychology

i am not brokenhearted
i am experiencing being brokenhearted

sit with the spaciousness of nonidentifying

my fundamental nature is not broken
like waves are just a topical disturbance of the fundamental nature of ocean
my feelings are just the topical disturbance of the fundamental nature of me
what's it to you?
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