Barrett Little mistake,
but who knows.
followed you home
crawled in your window
life is a trip
when you're psycho in love
and I know...

Followed your friends
you were not there
slashed and I cut
and I bleed in the sink
I heard what you said
and you're laughing, baby
slashed and I cut
and I do it for you
I want you to notice
I'm not around
where ever you are

yes I will go
I'll see you in hell

. . 030108
unhinged tied my hands behind my back
banging my head against shattered glass
with black tears
the color of my skin
belieing my deficiency
you know what i want
falling down holes
that can't replace you
fuck you and your
perfect games
perfect smells
perfect collarbone
the color of your skin
my aching deficiency
black tears
shattered glass
fingering my self-made bindings
curbing the appetite to carve
is a full time job
with special tools
the posture of disease
is hard to break
the farther i slink
the weaker i become
but i still want you baby
like a cigarette
after a shot of bleach
what's it to you?
who go