It is pretty hard to write things about Josie without sounding like i am writing about somebody too beautiful to exist in reality. But she is and does.
She is always good for a laugh when i need to smile, always there to share a coffee and some thoughts and i consider the moments we have shared to be some of the reasons i consider my life worth living. She gave me some of the reasons i am actually still living rather than basking in an eternity without doing so. She makes me feel special, she makes me realise there are places and things in this world that are not drab and empty but rather all things are filled with something worth knowing about, even if it's just for a moment. Even though there are more things I do not know, than do, i realise one thing for sure: and that is that whenever i seek meaning and hope she inspires me to find it and thankfully, she is filled with it so its not so hard to find.
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