:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: "If you love something...
set it free...
and if it will come back to you...
then it was meant to be..."

This poem sucks! It always reminds me of seagull droppings.
If you love something (say, your family, or lover)

be smart, hold on to it, invest in it.
Don't hold so tight that your grasp hurts it. But don't hold it so loosely that it slips away either.

If something you love tries to wrestle itself out of your grasp, then you should let go, because you can't hold love captive. Maybe that is what the poem is trying to say, but they didn't do a very good job of it. I think this was written by a person who had an ex lover-turned-psycho-stalker when he or she tried to break up.

Let's rewrite it.
If you love someone...
and they leave you, let them go
because you can do better anyway.
The person you need to hold onto would never leave you anyway.

Ok.....so mine sucks too.

Maybe you can do better?
Teenage Jesus does the original have anything to do with trust? I think so. 010808
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