Aimee Not good enough
to share your bed
the suicidal thoughts
still occupy my head

I don't wonder that you'd miss me
or even care that I'm gone
I know you would

So few WOULD care
so few would notice.
I'm not ready
and I don't know how to tell you.

Would you feel rejected?
Would you understand?
My family already thinks I'm a whore
I'm useless.

My mother doesn't really care -
I'm just a financial burden.
My brothers think I'm immature
not to mention irresponsible.

I can't seem to please anyone
I can't even please myself.
I watch my constant failure
And my tendency to give up.

Christ I want the simple life,
I don't want to feel this way anymore.

I know I'm really pathetic
I wish I could just change
Maybe that's why everyone's left me
maybe that's why I hate myself.

I'm just not good enough
to share your bed
not with all these suicidal thoughts
still occupying my head.
strange feeling unworthy of your love, of your friendship, but most of all the pain you inflict on me. 040620
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