mon that i shall live tomorrow
i am so trusting that i think i am invincible i cannot fall
nothing i do will hurt me nothing i do can hurt me more than

trust so blindly that my next breath will fall that the weekly paper will be in the mail my words won't disappear when_i_am_gone
you won't see me when i'm down

i think everything must be scripted i know i can play with the lines a little but i must stick to the rules keep with the scene
i will not grow wings
i can't end war
there is no santa
marked . 031112
person i trust that i'm naked under my clothes. 040722
nonlucid trust nobody, they say

I trust that the ground under my feet will stay steady
that the force of gravity will not stop
I will not die tomorrow
or the next day
or the next

that I'll have time to do something nobody's done before
maybe that's too much to hope for
The Heretic TRUST EQUALS HOPE. 040723
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