burden I would love to play the organ all day, but my father makes me collect coal scraps for odd pence. 010506
florescent light I had a shiny red one.

My feet wouldn't reach the pedals, no matter how much milk I drank.
So, my father cut 2 blocks of wood, painted them red and tied them to the pedals.
Shugarhi I fell off my tricycle when I was little and skinned both knees. I ran inside as the blood ran down my legs only to be greeted by my burly, man-like mother, who frightened me. 010511
somebody peeweepeewee 010513
Scarlet My dad used to ride mine around.
I had a black plastic FIREBIRD petal car that would probably be worth something today. SOMETHING, had I not sold it in a garage sale...

But yeah, my 6 foot tall father would ride around on a tricycle made for a 3 year old. But then I got a BIG WHEEL, and thats another story all together
phil The first time in my life I felt what it was like to be cool 020129
burden when Gary Coleman was a young boy, he wore a paper grocery bag once while riding a tricycle. he ran into a stair, apparently, and fell off.

just imagine that intently for 30 seconds and try not to laugh.
raychild oh where oh where has my tricycle gone? oh where oh where could it be? 070305
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