Photophobe I looked from my morning window,
But no angel watches over me.
I gave away what I had,
But noone wants to share whats theirs.

I worked hard today,
But I might as well have stod about
For all the difference I make.

If everyone is special
Then why does it hurt this way?
If we're all something unique,
why do I feel this ordinary?

I gave a man my change today.
It won't change him or me;
I laugh as hard as ever
but I can't raise a smile.

If everyone is special
then why does it feel this way?
If we're all something unique
then why do I feels so ordinary.

I don't like this world so much.

I don't like this world so much.
unique butterfly that was so beautiful. i know exactly how you feel... 010602
Photophobe Interesting that you're a unique butterfly then... :) 010604
When I kissed a boy today I closed my eyes & I found myself wishing it was you.
silentbob I am the once embraced abandoned one 011005
Aimee I love you bobby.... don't be sad, 011005
Casey I'm not only a client, I'm also a member, and have been all my life...and will always be. 011007
continuous ache absolutely beautiful. 020401
akenbosche ...losers

keeping the balance!
blown cherry noir ou blanc 060615
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