PC Goldstein Jr Question is, why did you type/click this word? hmm? that's a bit biological, eh! Should have your fingers smacked! by PC Goldstein with his latex reform program for wayward youths. 030728
User24 aha!
I didn't!
I go'ed here!

(perhaps my subconcious was guiding blather?)
an inadvertandly chagrined oldephebe Oops! 030916
angelita a sphincter says what?

*oh, the maturity*
u24 interesting.. another 2 months and I'm randomly here again. let's wait and see who clicks it once it's on recent: 031104
stork daddy you know...we have spincters in our stomach too! maybe i just wanted to find a disseration on them. 031104
poop when faggets take it in the ass too much, theyre sphincsters break and they shit their pants constantly. but they love that because it turns them on. Fags are really stupid 060708
circumvent Vaginas are sphincters, too

I heard
no reason the first word that came to mind was 'esophagus'

gja For no reason I say:
Being on your own aint brave.
Bravery is contact - the human kind.
Letting them in. Letting them see.
Try it.
what's it to you?
who go