Teenage Jesus ...damn! 011029
jugger0 I just start. That's all that's required of me. The words do the rest. I try to vanish every once in a while.

My apologies. If it's any help, I'll stop for today.

Assuming rather selfishly that you were even talking to ME.
Teenage Jesus sorry, no, not you 011029
emmi it's ironic that this was the song that was playing. since then i've learned to read signs. 060123
three words slow_down letter_to_a_stranger mercury 060819
unhinged they_come_from_prayers + exertion

quit rushing around for someone else to do it
and put in the work
of pushing all the bullshit out of the way
to get_down to reality

i have feelings
that is ok
i have impulses
that is ok
i have thoughts
that is ok

(today i am going to align my heart and my actions)
unhinged breathe_in_breathe_out 110515
cacau cacau 110515
... ... cacau 110515
flowerock not necessarily in general, but in my mind at least. overwhelmed. breathe. relax, everything is flowing alright.

it's like we're moving at light speed and missing the shapes and textures created by the shadows.

take time for eachother. I think we do ok but I could do better I think.
unhinged . 140824
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