deb ::smiles:: gotta love the skater guys


i'm cursed... or blessed... hmm...
::grins:: which is it?
either way, i'll take him
deb (my skater guy didn't turn out right... he does have legs... he's not
the guy from KIDS-- imagine a greater than sign in there..)
pSyche On the ice you moved so gracefully
Twirling in the twilight
you were free like every man wants to be
until you brush next to my trembling body
and tenacity turned to timidity
You were so meek and quiet
looking at me
And I do not understand what you saw
You think me free,
but i'm not at all
it is envy
the Gift we have for each other
is really Poison
(a rose by another name)
So we hold hands in this hushed place
and feed off one another's fears
and another year goes by
on ice skates,
where we first met
what's it to you?
who go