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To rejoice at the merits and virtues of all Beings...
DannyH Can we have joy without sorrow? Virtue without Vice? Merit without demerit? If not then should we rejoice at shit? 010823
kx21 See She4 for an PCA? 010824
kx21 What_is_art of rejoicing at the merits and virtues of all Beings 010902
kx21 The merit of Holy War???

Any good_point or Q_As...
shiva Lays 011118
ClairE I'm going to do it.
I'm going to do it.
I'm going to do it.

Nah, I can't take it off. I always need to know.
ClairE Gone and done.

I have bigger worries now.
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Copy_Right Spices / Scents - Sin(s)...
President_Gloria_Arroyo_said e_v_e_r_y__l_i_f_e__i_s__i_m_p_o_r_t_a_n_t

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The Graces from Heaven -

Angelo's Hometown and across of the Philippines

Revelry erupts in Philippines as hostage is freed in Iraq

BUENAVISTA, Philippines (AFP) - Revelry and tears greeted news of a Filipino hostage's release in his hometown and across the Philippines as President Gloria Arroyo defended her decision to strike a deal with his kidnappers.

Children chanted 'Angelo! Angelo!' as they assembled around a television set here, while friends lit candles and offered prayers of thanks on a makshift altar near their small home overflowing with well-wishers.

Many were tearfully hugging each other.

"I made a decision to bring our troops home a few days early in order to spare the life of Angelo," a beaming Arroyo said on national television.

"I do not regret that decision.
Every life is important." 040720
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8. Thou shalt listen wholeheartedly, body and soul.
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