Brad I found out today that I got a good one for North Texas next year. That makes me very happy, and it makes life around here oh-so-much easier. 000522
MollyGoLightly I found out yesterday that I get mine back next year. 000522
unhinged i have a full scholarship to youngstown state. they pay my tuition, room and board and even give me money for books. but in return, i have to be an honors student, maintain a 3.5, complete 15 co-curricular activities every year and 60 service hours. it pretty much sucks. but it is a free college education. 001211
freakizh without it, i can't pay any private school. thanks to it, i afforded the worst education ever but the best friends. i paid to meet people.
nowadays, the quality of education is getting better because of the resources and materials that a private school can get. obviously, it's better than any cheaper school. yet, my friends are amazing.

its funny how, sometimes, your life may seem to depend from a number and homeworks.
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