nullspace yet another detour
where i am is so far from where i thought i would be
i really have no clue where i'm going anymore
just along for the ride
doggy Fork in the road
and they're tailgating me
Bastards are after
my froggy legs
steph I could have gone around it. Done everything the easy way... but they would have just kept flashing their lights, and telling me I had a problem. So i waited. Patiently by myself, and no one could say or do anything.. because I blocked myself off, just like the traffic patrol do to the road after a nasty crash... And at first everyone seems to notice, and everyone seems to care about whats goin on.. but then they realize it was just another accident and they go on their merry way to work and friends houses, and they forget all about everything, as if it never happened........ 000215
mousie my lack of pure talent, like a roadblock in my path of ambition. 020430
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