belly fire RIND, an answer in today's cross-word.

Reminds me of Gary. He bites into orange peel, banana peel, swallows apple stems and crunches on cores of all measure. Gary is an all or nothing person. Waste not want not type. It's refreshing more often than not since he is sincere about it, steadfast.
I wish my best-friendships could be more like that. Sincere, steadfast, all or nothing.

I find myself holding onto friendships without a rind or perhaps only core; either way lacking somehow. I go to work and watch Gary eat his lunch from the corner of my eye and feel that little twinge of jealousy over those unpeeled carrot slices being devoured whole.

Perhaps best-friendships aren't meant to last and perhaps it's time I resigned myself to that fact. That she would blathe about being busy, having so much on her mind...that she would sheepishly declare her knowledge of my slippery slope doubt.

rind, 4-letter word for tough outer covering
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