me? by any other name would be as
regal and radiant
mac what taxonomic differences are there between rhododendron and mountain laurel apart from the color of their flowers? 991128
Quintessensual According to Joyce, Molly thinks rhododendron are much more of a turn-on. Is that a taxonomic difference? 991128
amy this word is breathing. 991129
Deepening rhododendrons
hanging from a particular particle,
giggle in my general direction
despite my furled brow.

A tragic white moment
might descend from outer space.
a single tap on my rugged cranium
drives the point home,

and then drops it off,
and then stops for a small snack,
and doesn't think to get me anything
...as usual

so another day slides me by
and i'm left here scribbling
about this and about that
and about yet another cat in the hat
skiblu I ate a rhododendron leaf when I was little.
Had to go to hospital.
datura when i moved to oregon in 1990, there was one hazelnut and two rhododendron trees in my front yard, and my parents dug them out because they made me sneeze. 001202
ilovepatsajak "what would you give me for a basket of kisses, mother?"
"why, a basket of hugs, rhoda!"
what's it to you?
who go