silentbob i'm getting farther 020822
~gez~ i ate my father 020822
cresentwhench I used to take prozac
Mum and dad thought i was depressed
turned out I was just weird as hell
and didnt need them popping pills in my mouth
just because I am "weird"
I'd expect them to pop pills in their own mouths, to cope with me weirdness.
visciousmissfit oooo good call. I think we pop too many pills for things. Instead of trying to deny ourselves the weirdness and eccentric behavior, why not just accept them. We can all be "weird" together...except then we would all be considered normal...yea? 020924
daxle inability to sleep
lack of motivation
constant crying
feelings of worthlessness
all for no particular reason
I think the reason a lot of people "pop pills" goes way beyond "weirdness"
silentbob i finished it. 020924
squillo ah

daxle took the point i was going to make.


there. i underline that statement.
jane how was it, bobby? i've been meaning to read it. that and "ishmael". 020924
cresentwhench So what are you saying? You make no point at all! Maybe those are all clinical signs of being weird. 021004
what's it to you?
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