~gez~ got my license the other day. i could see all the little people they were like ants. it was really fun, ill give you a ride to heaven and back one day 020824
devalis the first episode of a series, usually, and mostly the best one.

Cases in point: Friends and Sliders.
coolsoundingme been one since 4/03.

now i teach it.

there's nothing i'd rather do.
kung fu ! what do you teach?

how to fly planes?

Spitfires ?

wow how amazing..
Red Arrows

coooorrr !

teach me teach me ! :-)
coolsoundingme if elementary teachers get apples, how come we flight instructors - teaching elementary aeronautics - aren't the recipients? 070514
Kung Fu knowledge swap is better than apples !

maybe your student can show you an secret waterfall in exchange for a flying lesson.

i mean ... it sounds good to me... just got to find a way to fuel the plane... we'll work it out!
coolsoundingme Meh, fueling is a joke. i was a line_guy for nearly five years and you'll be hard pressed to find a production civil aircraft i've not put some kind of magic_go_juice into. 070514
Chocolate LOVE how about the chocolate ?

the runny stuff... where did you put that then ?

you know the new spread stuff i was talking about... did you give some to Africa ?
what's it to you?
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