rlzp i live for pepsi one. but i like coke better. haha christine!!!!! "ya baby, this is what i need!!" 010403
nocturnal one of the worst things I have ever had the misfortune to ingest. well, crystal pepsi was pretty horrific, too. it's all about the diet coke if ya ask me. course I'm an incurable addict, so you can just ignore me while I go get another. 010403
silentbob Just like vinegar 010403
florescent light diet sucks.

nuff said.
end of discussion.
ninnescah what's the point? It's an oximoron. If rotting your teeth is what you want... do it in style with all calories intact 010412
j_blue na, pepsi one is pretty cool

it was made for the diet soda drinking people, who have already adjusted their sense of taste to low calorie and diet foods (the hardest part in dieting)

think about it this way, a can of regular soda is roughly equivalent to a candy (some candy bars are equivalent to two cans of soda though), so you could drink 3 cans of regular soda, or infinite cans of diet soda and 1-2 candy bars

its all about maximizing indulgance per calorie, and once you adjust to artificial sweetener, you cease to miss the richness of regular soda, and you begin to appreciate the less syrupy nature of diet soda (especially when you spill soda onto furniture or carpets; diet doesnt get sticky when it dries)

one is good 'cause its richer tasting, but still light on calories

damn this was too much text...
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