auto cross reference system A non-word that somehow ended up in the auto_cross_reference_system.

See roommates.
emmi i like it smooth and salty, yum yum 060717
flowerock I lack self control with the peanut butter. I finished the jar yesterday, it lasted just over a week. I won't buy more today, even though I want to. There are other foods to enjoy that aren't so dense and heavy. those other foods are tastiest when eaten with peanutbutter though : P hee hee hee. If i could invent running shoes that ground peanuts while running, that might be the best way to handle this addiction, make it a running_for_peanutbutter addiction... a mile makes one spoon full, that's fair : ) 140704
epitome of incomprehensibility (Please, autocross reference, calm thyformerself. I like to write two-word nouns as one word too. I used to think it was the bad influence of William Faulkner and James Joyce, but after looking in past journals, I realized that I wrote high school as highschool back when I was getting my literary kicks from The Baby Sitters Club (the Babysitters Club?) German has a point there.) 140704
e_o_i Oh, and I like peanut butter. 140704
flowerock "German has a point there" indeed!

and I got more peanutbutter after a wonderful hike along the coast.
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