typhoid given the opportunity, i would hug you any time. just ask. i'll be here.
lola okay. night, hugs. : )

or, nighthugs
or, rumen bugs
florescent light Inspiration knocked on my door this evening - with dispaired anguish
covering over his face.
But I was sleeping, and missed my chance.
End Is Forever "The first star I see may not be a star..."

But does it even matter to me?
Nothing exists unless you grab it
You make your own chances

There's no star there unless
You're there beside me
To wish upon it

The first star may as well not be a star...
cube I have this pet theory that everybody gets an equal number of opportunities in life. If this is true, then we may assume that we also get an equal number of reversals.

This thing called education is what better prepares us to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Just as surely, setbacks will come and here too we can prepare.

If you can take the long term view - to expect these events to happen, then you will take them in stride. Neither surprised at what is your due nor depressed in adversity.

Just another event on the road...
pigeon opportunity only knocks once 040806
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