User24 My actual email addy should be


mind you, I never check that one.
But it comes through to my fone.

So that's ok.
User24 So click this name here to see the full list of what I've posted. 010817
User24 And now I don't actually ever chek that email account, but you'll always be able to reach me at jsvlrt@yahoo.com or howard@freetimers.com 020228
User24 or just click here and leave a messgae for me

User24 does anyone know a way to fix it so when my name's clicked it doesn't show the old @talk21.com address? 030621
jane goddamn_email_address

this actually isn't helpful but i just thought you should know i've been somewhat there
User24 hey hey!

another day, another email address

fromblather@project2501.plus.com will get through to me for at least one year. (though I'll probally reply from a different address)

If anyone's trying to contact me a long time away in the future, try all the addresses apart from @talk21.com above, then search the net for "User24" or "howard yeend", or try jsvlrt@yahoo.com; I guess that'll always be around in some form, you could also try looking at http://www.communitythought.co.nr, http://cgi.project2501.plus.com
(a site I made for the lovely hellibob)

If all else fails, I'm sorry but I guess I'm dead.
misstree ya, i've got a stunning array over at blather_question. i got very quickly sick of typing in my actual addie, so you get directed to an email service that's been dead 3 years. 030828
what's it to you?
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