caesar my dearest necrophilia
i love you more now that you're gone
old hick All I'm sayin' is that if you work in a morgue you probably don't get out much. So you might as well date somebody from the office. 000124
kronoman necrophilia
argh. I'm scaring the hell out of myself. I guess I'll just go back over to Katrina's place and get these twisted thoughts out of my head...
Damaged Make love to you , your eyes are closed
Your body's rotting, it's decomposed
Your hair is tangled in spiders webs
................ You're dead

No remorse
Screw the corpse
tortuous it was weird... had a dream last night that i was having sex with this dead chick... funny thing was that she was still warm and still produced fluids and she wasn't totally limp (kinda). near the end of the dream she said 'thank you' really quitely. kinda hard to describe some of the stuff that went on... i guess i'm weird today.... 030915
misstree neat. i think that would be a fun dream. 030915
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