Philifledermaus mazzy is a word I use to describe the way I feel when I have been betrayed by someone Iloved.

dejected, hurt, and infinitely stealable.
birdmad Star

"so tonight that i might see"

she never did give me back that CD

MollyGoLightly So Tonight That I Might See is a tremendous makeout album 000506
pontifier molly! Now that's the spirit!

Hold on, Molly might get the impression that I'm stalking her, but that's not the case at all. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, there is one thing left to say.... bye...
silentbob fade into you 011216
ilovepatsajak reminds me of something glowing through some darkness or fog 011216
ilovepatsajak or a lingering mellow feeling 011216
Grievance Star:

Into Dust

Still falling
Breathless and on again
Inside today
Beside me today
Around broken in two
'Till you eyes shed
Into dust
Like two strangers
Turning into dust
'Till my hand shook with the way I fear

I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your fate
Under your fate

It was you breathless and tall
I could feel my eyes turning into dust
And two strangers turning into dust
Turning into dust
oasisoncloud10 mazzy star makes me cum. hope, your hot 020307
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