silentbob did you ever wish you could save the princess and bring merriment back to the toadstool people? 011015
Beniamino Sure, but then once you turn off your Nintendo and turn it on again, she's just gone and gotten herself recaptured again, and all is again for nought. 020324
BR0d0 Ciao mario, spero che la tua sia stata una scelta giusta... 020325
Beniamino Ma, che cos' di scegliere? 020331
no reason i was always partial to luigi. 020331
silentbob dude, mario 2 is the fucking best game ever

go to and find their little writing on it. its awesome.
dingo the series of games i could never beat and they sucked all my intelligence out from ages 4-the present 030429

It's funny funny stuff
JdAwG Me and my friend learned the Mario theme. He plays bass. I play guitar.Its awesome. I suggest you try it sometime. 040602
mood ring im bout to play mario party 4.
cuz i am just that awesome crazy good.
and dont make fun of the way that i talk.
my school did it, its all their fault.
jface crazy guy down the hall. in love with autumn. taste like chicken. 050929
what's it to you?
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