Webley 'Stick with us' you said, 'all the way' I never felt so protected, Kams birthday (Saturday 17th March 2007) watching you jumping for the lazers. Watching you cry when Kam won his Thai fight (Saturday 18th November 2006), 'Look at him!! he is a star!!' you said. I never imagined I would ever see you cry, I shouted to you 'This is what it's all about Loz!' don't know if you heard me because you were pushing everybody out of the way to get to the front of the ring, you saw me waiting to get some food and dragged me to the front of the queue for the curry and managed to get 2 for the price of 1, obviously I paid and you had the free one, things like that just happened when you were around, you were immortal in my eyes, a true warrior, what I would give to salute you one last time Loz, just as you did to us many times before leaving. Those that matter will remember and understand that they were priveleged to have known you, I know I was. Your little brothers friend - Dan 080324
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